Establised in 2005, Pocket Ace Inc. is the front entrance of advertising solutions geared towards vast and ever growing ethnic communities in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We target many of British Columbias's ethnic communities; however, our concentration is on the Persian (Farsi) speaking community. With a population estimated at over 75,000, British Columbia's Persian speaking community has long been integral to the province's social, cultural and economic development.

The 2011 Census reported that immigrants arriving in Canada in recent years are twice as likely as the Canadian-born population to have a university education, which is a deciding factor in maintaining a high and stable income.

The 2011 Census also reported that a growing proportion of Canada's newest immigrants speak a language other than English or French as their primary work and home language.

Many Canadian businesses have recognized the vast market potentials of the ethnic communities; however, they have failed to effectively target and communicate with these hard-to-reach demographics since they simply are not aware of the path! Pocket Ace Inc. is here to change that! We create fully integrated marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns that are culturally relevant to the ethnic communities and effectively communicate with them.

If you think its time to look outside of the box and open, strengthen, and awaken all your advertising possibilities in this immense yet niche market, browse our website, get to know us, and contact us to help you explore the indefinite advertising possibilities open to you in ethnic communities.